Backed by next generation DAG tech and potassium, BANANO is a cryptocurrency getting into your wallet fastfeelessly, and with loads of fun. BANANO is distributed for free to everyone. Its easy-to-use technology onboards normies and crypto-noobs without the usual hassle by combining a fun attitude with gamification, and then educate them to handle crypto in general in a responsible way.

cryptomonKeys NFTs are closely connected to the BANANO ecosystem, and since BANANO always is about trying new ways of free and fair distribution, they now built monKeyslots, a slot machine game you can use as BANANO faucet if you own cryptomonKeys NFTs! Take it as a first proof-of-concept beta to utilize NFT gamification for coin distribution across blockchains.

All details in this blog post| Direct Link

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It’s now already half a year since the launch of cryptomonKeys on September 19th, 2020, and it’s been an awesome ride so far, YUGE thanks to everyone who joined so far! Month 6 was filled with lots of fun, more cards and adventures in Alien Worlds! And we had a great party with a great community to celebrate. Here’s a quick summary and few highlights: Month 6 Recap

monKeymining Update: All mining and staking NFT rewards from cycle 7 have been sent out! Check your wallets!
This blog post has all details and also summarizes for beginners how to earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game Alien Worlds.

More updates soon! Exciting times ahead!

Already running since several weeks now: monKeymining! In case you missed it: This is a way to earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the upcoming blockchain game AlienWorlds! So basically it’s yet another way for us to distribute cryptomonKeys to as many users as possible in a fun way.

And it turned out that monKeymining isn’t only popular but also super fun to play as a community, and has attracted lots of new users! Just in the last two weeks more than 2900 miners digged for cryptomonKeys NFT drops on planet Neri, and we meanwhile sent over 13k cryptomonKeys NFTs to miners and stakers!

 Check this blog post for a summary of the cycle 6 mining and staking rewards that were sent out yesterday! 

We also added more land meanwhile, check out this page for all the info and help getting started.

Last but not least, find newly released cryptomonKeys NFTs in our Gallery and updated info about our Charity auctions here.

Just a few weeks ago we announced monKeymining: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game AlienWorlds! This has led to lots of ongoing attention and excitement and loads of new users joining the community! Just in the last two weeks more than 2700 miners digged for cryptomonKeys NFT drops on planet Neri, and we meanwhile sent over 10k cryptomonKeys NFTs to miners and stakers! Check this blog post for a summary of the cycle 5 mining and staking rewards that were sent out yesterday!

Also, there are now more monKeymining lands available, including new outposts on other planets!

And, we of course have some new cards released  – check them out in the gallery!

Last but not least: If you missed our month 5 recap you can read it up here.

We sent out cryptomonKeys rewards for the last cycle last night – check out updated details in this blog post here. If you are not into Alien Worlds and earning cryptomonKeys for mining and staking yet, check out this overview and get started, it’s still early and it’s lots of fun to play, especially with such an awesome community. Meet the community here at Discord if you need any help. Just speak up, there’s always someone around!

Otherwise there’s lots of other news and developments to catch up on, stay tuned for more news soon!

Ah, and our newest charity auction will end in a few hours, check it out here and catch mint 1 of our newest Legendary cryptomonKey: monKey Miner!


If this is new to you: You can now mine cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the brand new free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds. You earn by mining and now also by staking just by playing the game, on top of the regular in-game rewards! Check out all details and help getting started here.

And for those who already have participated: All monKeymining and monKeystaking NFT rewards from cycle 2 have been sent out! Check your wallets!

Full announcement with lots of details here at Publish0x.

cryptomonKeys Month 4 Recap

It’s already 4 months since the launch of cryptomonKeys, and month 4 was filled with even more fun, more cards and ramped up distribution through airdrops and giveaways. Here’s a quick summary and few highlights:

More New Cards!

Within month 4 we released Card 26 to 33 — which included the first 2 ever common cards. The reason behind was that we have grown a lot and — especially through the Santa Bot event with daily X-Mas gifts on the BANANO Discord server, the cryptomonKeys Discord Tipbot and several HUGE December airdrops distributed lots more cards that ever before. Within month 4 we have minted more cryptomonKeys than in the first 3 months altogether! 
If you are not on the crytomonKeys Discord Server yet, check it out! You might catch some cryptomonKeys NFT tips from our NFT tipbot!

Previous updates:
cryptomonKeys Update #1 | Update #2 | Update #3 | Update #4 | Update #5 | Update #6


monKeymining is Here!

You might have heard it already: We are expanding to other planets far beyond the moon: You can now mine cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the brand new free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds! All details here.


The Blue Wizard Appeared!

It was quite exciting to see the mysterious whale ‘The Blue Wizard’ entering and supporting the WAX NFT space, buying 1 Million USD worth of WAX NFTs from different projects. Amongst those the Blue Wizard also bought several cryptomonKeys from secondary markets, one (our ‘Blue Wizard cryptomonKey) with a record sale price of 55555 WAX. Yes, that means a user got a cryptomonKeys NFT for free from us (as usual, since we have free distribution) and sold it for more than 2k USD worth of WAX shortly after! Learn more about him in this podcast.


More details and stats about the project in the full cryptomonKeys Month 4 recap here.

The monKeyprinters/core team wishes you a very Merry Christmas! We are so thankful this project took off that smoothly, with so much fun and excitement in the last three months since the launch. Nothing of all this would be possible without you guys, banfam/monkeyfam! A YUUUGE ‘thank you’ to all of you!

You might have seen that we just released our first two common cards yesterday! BRRR!

If you like to catch one of those and/or one of the other recently released cards, that’s super easy! Just join our Discord Server and leave your WAX address in the channel #giveaways (ends December 26th).

That’s it, everyone doing so will get a free card in a few days! Maybe even more than one if you’re lucky!

And in case you have missed it, here are several other ways to get free cryptomonKeys very easily:


Current ways to get free cryptomonKeys NFTs

Ah, and in case you got some free cards just today, that likely happened from monKeyfarm drops which happened today. Check out details here.

Stay tuned, we just started to monKey around!

With all the new users joining these days a recurring question being asked is “How can I get some free cryptomonKeys cards?”. It likely is not easy for everyone to get a clear overview right ahead since we have so many different things going on. So here’s a little update about recent news, including a brief list of current options of how to get your hands on some free cryptomonKeys NFTs quite easily further below.

Three New cryptomonKeys Revealed!

Within the last 10 days we released 3 new cryptomonKeys (No 22, 23, and 24) and started distribution in different ways! Check out all cryptomonKeys out so far in our Gallery!

monKeyfarm Update

After focusing on getting some other things done in the meantime we now have caught up with monKeyfarm and dropped lots of cards to our holders/community on top of the regular free distribution. Check out all details here.

Working Together With Uplift.Art

We give away our cards for free, but we donate parts of our collection/market fee to charity. Also, our first charity auction has recently ended, and so far we donated 14146 WAX (~571 USD) to Uplift.Nation by, who combine innovative Digital Art NFT concepts with charity. Learn more about our commitment to charity here.

Related to that, we just started our second charity auction, which is the first mint of the Legendary DeFi Yield Farmer (Card 4). Check it out here, the auction ends in 4 days.

Also, we received some more Uplift.Art community crates we’ll drop in the coming days through our discord tipbot. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet: announcement)

Now here’s some more news related to currenty options of getting free cryptomonKeys NFTs:

How to Get Free cryptomonKeys right now

  • Participate in this Airdrop at Publish0x (Link)
  • Claim Your Daily XMAS gifts (including the chance on free cryptomonKeys on the BANANO Discord (this requires BANANO Citizenship, read the announcement for full details). With each daily claim, you can either earn coal (nothing), or BANANO, or a cryptomonKey (uncommon, rare, or even if you’re very lucky: epic!). We already have given away hundreds of cryptomonKeys through this event.
  • Join this Card 21 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or join this Card 22 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or this Card 23 Twitter Giveaway
  • Or this Card 24 Twitter Giveaway
  • Join our discord server and create memes or cryptomonKeys art, or contribute by helping others, or read the pinned post in the channel #intro-and-feedback
  • Guess the name of the next card based on hints on the current card in the #monkeytalk channel on our discord server
  • If you have a decent following (1019+ followers) at twitter or other social media: Contact us, maybe we’re up for doing a giveaway together with you and reward you with free cards.
  • Hold any cryptomonKey in your wallet and you have a chance on monKeyfarm drops (learn more)
  • Also: Stay tuned and follow our social media for always new and always more ways to earn free cryptomonKeys!

Last but not least: The next cryptomonKey (No 25) will be released within the next 1 or 2 days, keep your eyes at announcements 😉

We recently mentioned our commitment to charity in the last update within our FAQ already. As summarized there, we not only generally distribute cryptomonKeys NFTs for free, we also committed to donate a fraction (19%) of the market fee we receive from secondary market trading to charity. Donations will be calculated and sent every few months, first one will happen soon.

In addition, we decided to auction off a maximum of 1 cryptomonKey cards every 19 days and donate 81% of the proceeds from those auctions to charitable organizations. The first of these charity auctions has just concluded few days ago, and the winning bid reached an astonishing amount of 19191 WAX (equivalent to 708 USD at the time)!

Where will donations go to?

Donations for now will be sent to UpliftNation / UpliftDAO which is an upcoming charitable blockchain project founded by Michael Blu (also founder of which is another project combining NFT art and charity on the WAX blockchain).

Proceeds from the first charity auction have been sent to them already:
Donation (81% of Winning Bid minus marketplace and market fees): 
14146 WAX equaling $545 at the time of writing.
Donated to: Uplift Nation / UpliftDAO (Transaction)

More information about Uplift Nation also in this video:

All details around our charity activities from now on will always be summarized and documented here on this page.

CryptomonKeys have launched a little over 2 months ago already, and we have been blown away by the attention, interest and engagement from our awesome community. We’ve grown quite fast, and while we had numerous updates out every few days we kind of forgot to push updates on this website blog. So starting today we’ll change that and also have major news and updates covered here regularly.

Where we are now

In case you didn’t follow the project since its launch in September 2020: We meanwhile have released 21 different card motives and distributed over 7500 cryptomonKey trading cards/NFTs for free to almost 2000 different wallets. Our community is not only growing like crazy but also just awesome, and we had lot of fun all the way, especially during card release parties.

We did numerous airdrops, started several collabs with other projects, are listed on several apps and trading happens all the time and growing pace and volumes. If you didn’t follow cryptomonKeys so far, you can catch up by reading these detailed blog posts easily:

20200919  Free BANANO NFTs are Here! MonKeyprinter go BRRR!

20201014   Halloween monKey Design Contest (BANANO and NFT prizes)!

20201021   Free BANANO NFTs! cryptomonKeys Update #1: Recap, TG Airdrop & monKeyfarm!

20201106   What If You Were President? BANANO and NFT prizes!

20201112  Free BANANO NFTs! cryptomonKeys Update #2

20201120   Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #3: Month 2 Recap & FAQ

20201203   Claim Your Daily XMAS Gifts (BANANO and cryptomonKeys NFTs)

Also make sure to follow our social media channels and our Discord in particular to not miss all the giveaway and monKeydrops! It has never been easier to get your hands on some free cryptomonKeys!


What’s gonna happen next?

We just have updated our website with some more information (check it out!), and we’ll provide even more details on our ongoing commitment to charity (and the first donation) shortly!

And then, we’re revealing some awesome new cards in the next few days and catch up with outstanding monKeyfarm drops, even more cryptomonKeys and BANANO airdrops, and giveaways! Stay tuned!

Oh, and totally forgot to mention before: We have an NFT tipbot at Discord which was already tested recently. Rumor is it’s gonna be back shortly and loaded with lots of freebies! So if you haven’t yet, definitely join our Discord, you don’t wanna miss seeing the first-ever NFT tipbot in action!

CryptomonKeys is a freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series based on NFT technology, here to disrupt the meme economy.

We just launched and are about to release the first trading cards on the WAX blockchain, check out this initial announcement:
Free BANANO NFTs are here! monKeyprinter Go BRRR!

For now, follow our social media for news, airdrops & giveaways:

Discord Twitter Instagram Telegram