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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) a.k.a. monKeypaper v0.19

This FAQ will be updated regularly (last update: 2022-02-01).

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cryptomonKeys are freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading cards based on NFT technology; collecting, trading, and connecting with an educational and gamified attitude.

cryptomonKeys are built on top of the BANANO MonKey concept, where each BANANO address is visually represented by a unique MonKey avatar. Learn more at

NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT can be many things, and in cryptomonKeys' case, it is a digital asset in the form of a trading card. Each trading card holds a cryptographic record with verification of its: uniqueness, authenticity, ownership, current number of mints (read: copies) in existence, maximum number of mints that can ever exist, date and time of creation, and more. Like physical collectibles, they can have real sentimental and monetary value; however, they are even easier to store, trade, track, and verify. Plus, the corners of your cards never crease!

If you don’t know BANANO yet, definitely check out BANANO’s animated, meme-rich, and interactive Yellowpaper! BANANO is a cryptocurrency (forked from NANO in April 2018) powered by DAG technology — here to disrupt the meme economy. It is freely distributed, instant, feeless, and potassium rich, and used in thousands of on-chain transactions on a daily basis. In the same way that BANANO is super easy to use and puts an emphasis on being an accessible, fun, and educational cryptocurrency, cryptomonKeys applies this same philosophy into NFTs.

WAX is a blockchain with its own currency, making it easy and affordable to create, buy, and sell NFTs. Unlike other popular blockchains which can be slow and very costly in transaction fees, WAX allows for very fast transactions with very low fees, making it a great platform for massive and gamified collections.

Getting started with WAX is pretty easy; you can create a WAX address in a few seconds! Check out your various options in our helpful guide (link)

The answer is simple: you! cryptomonKeys is community-driven through and through, which means our community and volunteers power the culture, artwork, events, faucets, games, educational content, tools, charity efforts, and other extensions of the ecosystem with pure monKeybusiness! Our philosophies of free and fair distribution mean that we create the cards, mint them as NFTs, and give them out to as many contributors and community members as possible. This is done via different types of airdrops, giveaways, contests, and other events. What has evolved from this very simple concept is the product of monKeys all working towards one common goal: creating a fun and accessible collector’s experience.


One cool quality of NFTs is that you can make several copies (called ‘mints’ ) of the same artwork, and you can encode a maximum number of mints (or the total supply) in the NFT template. Since cryptomonKeys is committed to keeping NFTs as simple and digestible as possible, each card is revealed and minted one by one without variants or unclear rarities. Cards are numbered and have defined rarities that can be identified by a rarity indicator on the card front. What this means for cryptomonKeys is that a legendary card is always minted exactly 19 times, an epic card exactly 91 times, a rare card exactly 423 times, and so on:


Even if we wanted, we couldn’t make more cards based on the same template. And of course, since these cards are non-fungible tokens, every card is unique and has its exact mint number recorded and attached to it. So if you get a card, you won’t only know that it is provably rare, it also is unique, is identfiable through its asset ID, and has a traceable history of previous owners, all on the blockchain. Here’s an example of how the #1 mint of card number 7, ‘unimonKey’ looks on AtomicHub.

We know that the large number of platforms and projects emerging means navigating the world of digital assets can be overwhelming, which is why we are determined to make entry into NFTs as easy, accessible, and welcoming as possible. Free distribution makes a great onboarding and educational tool to learn about: the management of wallets and private keys, how to buy and sell off of secondary markets, and understand transaction requests and other blockchain actions. Ultimately, we want cryptomonKeys to provide collectors with the knowledge and confidence to explore the rapidly evolving world of NFTs, and provide them with their own digital assets so that they can make mistakes along the way.

1. Get them for Free: Our philosophies of free and fair distribution mean that we create the cards, mint them as NFTs, and give them out to as many community members and contributors as possible through different types of airdrops, giveaways, and contests. Staying up to date on cryptomonKeys socials is another great way to never miss an opportunity for some free NFTs.

Most of all, if you join our Discord server you’ll find current ways to get free cryptomonKeys detailed in the channel #how-to-freebies. Not sure how to get your first cryptomonKey? Say hello on Discord. We give out a random card for every unique and thoughtful introduction

2. Buy or Trade them on Secondary: Since our community active and always growing, sometimes cryptomonKeys can be challenging to get right from the source and chances to win giveaways can be limited. In this case, buying or trading on secondary markets like AtomicHub may be your best option; so, here are a few useful links for you:

Collection overview with market links
cryptomonKeys currently on sale on AtomicHub
Sales overview at Waxplorer

When a new cryptomonKey is minted, a defined number of cryptomonKeys (Legendary: 1 card; Epic: 2 cards; Rare: 4 cards; Uncommon: 16 cards; Common: 64 cards) is sent into the vault by default (account link). Those cards are not distributed immediately, but are locked up for 191 days (counted from card reveal day). After that time, they can be distributed by the team in airdrops/giveaways or be used to reward future contributors with ‘early days’ cards.That means you might still have a chance to catch one of those when we give them away in the future.

Since October 2020, holders of cryptomonKeys cards (and especially holders of one of the first 19 legacy cards) have the chance to receive new card drops (monKeydrops) automatically for each new card revealed, forever! The chances to receive monKeydrops increases when holding a wider variety of cards, and the chances are also increased for holders of more rare cards. On average, 19% of all new cards will be distributed this way to reward the early adopters and passionate collectors. Note: Mint 1s are regularly included in random monKeyfarm drops. More details are provided here.

The market fee assigned to the cryptomonKeys collection is currently 7% and applies to all sales happening on trading platforms honoring it (currently AtomicHub). We believe in giving our cards away for free, but still need to cover costs. A lower-than-average collection fee allows us to pay for RAM, servers, and more. The breakdown for the 7% market fee allocation is as follows: 50% reserved for project funds for development, 31% as an honourarium for core team members, and the remaining 19% will be donated to charity. Calculations and distribution will be done regularly, i.e. every few months.

Since November 2020, on top of 19% of profits from secondary sales being donated, cryptomonKeys has been auctioning off high rarity mint 1s for charity as well. On average, cryptomonKeys hosts one auction every 19 days. 100% of the proceeds from those auctions are donated to charitable organizations. This actually means we sell approximately 0.04% of our cards and distribute 99.96% still entirely for free. For transparency, we provide regular updates on charity donations and recipients here.

On top of being tradable, collectible, and great educational tools, cryptomonKeys can earn you $MNKY in the trading game “monKeymatching”. Here, you can earn tokens for trading cryptomonKeys and collecting specific mint numbers, and redeem those tokens for more cryptomonKeys! There are also other community-built tools, such as the BANANO faucet “monKeyslots”, and interactive card games. Our long-term ambitions are to create apps/dapps and games for cryptomonKeys, but our priority for the time being is on card creation, distribution, and cultivating a strong community and ecosystem for its foundation. For now, you can use your freely distributed cryptomonKeys NFTs to earn yourself some freely distributed cryptocurrencies!

cryptomonKeys NFTs are initially given out for free, which means the community decides their value from the ground-up. Our predefined mint numbers paired with monKeytastic artwork and a growing community mean that, just like in the world of physical trading cards and other collectibles, not everyone can get their hands on every release. cryptomonKeys are traded on secondary markets, and the respective demand from buyers and newly joining collectors give cryptomonKeys value.

You are welcome to store cards in more than one WAX address. Additionally, you should only ever enter a giveaway or participate in other distribution mediums with one single address (that is, only one address per real person). People who don’t follow this rule and/or are caught multi-accounting might be excluded from future distribution efforts. For clarity, this means you may only mine on monKeylands with one account, enter a Twitter giveaway from one account, post one address in a Discord giveaway, etc.

For monKeyfarm, we often airdrop new cryptomonKeys cards to holders of a specific asset. The team may adjust airdrop recipients either randomly (if assets are too limited) or by other means which ensure fair distribution (‘yellow formula 1.9’). Our distribution tools are accurate and thorough; however, if you think you should have received a certain monKeyfarm drop or other cryptomonKeys airdrop but didn’t, you can DM all information to @Kron on our Discord for verification. Answers to such requests (but no ETAs) may be provided on a case-by-case basis to ensure the cryptomonKeys team can focus on creating great cards and getting them into your wallets freely and fairly.

The safest way to trade or sell cryptomonKeys is on AtomicHub:
When receiving a trade offer for another NFT on AtomicHub, always verify the asset is an original and not a copy or fake. You can do this by checking the collection name and looking for the verified checkmark. Beware of empty or otherwise misleading trade offers. Empty trade offers often contain only memos (usually offering WAX), and are a scam. If you trust the person you are trading with, you may be able to negotiate an alternative deal; however, we recommend against doing this, especially with strangers.
If you would like to sell cryptomonKeys for $BAN, we suggest asking someone with the @Serenifty role on our Discord (green name) to escrow for you. An escrow is a trusted third party who will hold your card, hold the other person’s $BAN, and perform the swap as an intermediary.

@monKeyprinter (Yellow): cryptomonKeys core team, comprising of SoggyApplePie (Co-founder Art Director), bantano (Co-Founder and Marketing Director), Vyryn (Managing Director), and green (Technology Director)
@SupermonKey (Purple): help with key infrastructure, including but not limited to distribution, social medias, education, communications, and other community operations
@Serenifty (Green): help with other infrastructure, including but not limited to moderation, development, events, contests, and trivia
@Nifty Artist (Blue): contributors of cryptomonKeys art in some way, including but not limited to original series card collabs, monKeystacks, web art, and server stickers and emojis
@Pro-Waxxer (Red): a symbolic role to represent collaborators and other integrations
@Green Wizard is our custom NFT tipbot

Please post NFT drop links in #free-drops. Only free drops are allowed. No drops that advertise paid drops are allowed. Helpful and/or relevant links are allowed. Paid drops and/or promotional links are only allowed for projects that have received approval from the core team. Unrelated links are always forbidden.

BananoBot++ is specially made for the BANANO Discord server. In the cryptomonKeys Discord, we use, which means you can send and receive $BAN, $WAX, and many other crypto currencies. Please do not spam commands in public channels. Send a Direct Message to saying ‘help’ to get started, and to withdraw $BAN from the bot, type ‘withdraw ban’.

This should be an exceptionally rare occurrence, but if you think it’s happened to you, do not share this link with anyone. First, double check that the sender is The Green Wizard#5854 (ID: 635290522986217473). Then, DM @Vyryn on Discord with the link ID, or the link with the ‘key=’ part removed.

A tutorial can be found here.

Anyone and everyone can contribute! Art, design, programming and development, writing, or any other skills to add to and improve our evolving ecosystem are welcome. Please feel encouraged to get in contact with the team, ideally in the cryptomonKeys Discord server (which is the headquarters of our ecosphere). Otherwise, you can help us grow and reach more people by sharing this project with others, retweeting, etc., and if you know someone who wants help learning the ins-and-outs of NFTs, share this project with them!

The best way to contact us is to join the cryptomonKeys Discord server. Feel free to ping or DM any team member (Discord roles: Serenifty, SupermonKey, and monKeyprinters), or ask your questions in the general chat channel, #monkeytalk.

Thanks to the hard work of WhiteFlag, Rosemarys, Phantoad and Frena91, we have Spanish and Italian translations of this FAQ If you would like to help translate this FAQ to another language, please reach out to Bantano or Vyryn on our Discord.
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