monKeymiles – Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the blockchain game Upland!



Upland is an NFT metaverse/game about virtual property trading. To participate in monKeymiles, simply visit the cryptomonKeys properties listed further below in Upland. The more often you visit those properties, the higher your chances on cryptomonKeys NFT rewards.  Details further below.



cryptomonKeys is about making free NFT distribution fun, as a community and by connecting with other NFT/blockchain projects. Already several weeks ago, we started to reward Upland players with cryptomonKeys NFTs for visiting specific properties, similar to monKeymining for Alien Worlds. This has been in a beta stage in collaboration with the MetaForce comics project, initiated by Recourier. After positive feedback we’re now rebranding this to monKeymiles and will regularly drop cryptomonKeys NFTs to players who visit cryptomonKeys Upland properties.

Status: Rewards have been sent for all visits until July 11, 2021.


Getting Started

  • If you are new to this, sign up for Upland here
  • Since Upland is not on the WAX blockchain, it is essential that you fill out this form once so we know where to send your rewards
  • Make sure to join our Discord (channel #monkeymiles) for discussion with other players and support, and to not miss updates!
  • Now, simply visit one of the properties listed below in the game with your explorer. The more often you visit any of those, the higher your chance on cryptomonKeys NFT drops, which currently will be sent out roughly once a week.


Qualifying Properties

San Francisco, CA : 2980 19th Ave (Merced Manor)

Fresno, CA:  1453 C Street (Little Italy)

Bakersfield, CA: 419 19th Street (Downtown)

Oakland, CA: 334 19th Street (Lakewide)

Manhattan, NY: 119 Mulberry Street (Little Italy)

Brooklyn, NY:  119 Saint Marks Place (Park Slope)

Staten Island, NY: 19 Highview Ave (New Brighton)

Chicago, IL: 1900 W Carroll Ave (United Center)

Cleveland, OH: 2100 W 19th Street

As the game expands and new cities open we will expand this list accordingly. Stay tuned!

Also visit the Upland properties of MetaForce to earn even more NFTs!


Reward History

Cycle 6 – currently running – rewards will be slightly delayed due to vacation, and cycle will go little longer than usual

Cycle 5 (July 1st – July 11) – 165 participants – 2999 visits – 232 cryptomonKeys NFTs sent (6 epic, 62 uncommon,  164 common)

Cycle 4 (June 22 – July 1st) – 143 participants – 1950 visits – 286 cryptomonKeys NFTs sent (6 epic, 137 uncommon, 143 common)

Cycle 3 (June 13 – June 22, 2021) – 148 participants – 1272 visits – 100 cryptomonKeys NFTs sent (3 rare, 15 uncommon, 82 common)

Cycle 2 (Apr 18 – June 13, 2021) – 216 participants – 5165 visits – 284 cryptomonKeys NFTs sent (10 rare, 138 uncommon, 136 common)

Cycle 1 (Mar 27 – Apr 18, 2021) – 97 participants – 994 visits – 209 cryptomonKeys NFTs sent (2 rare, 94 uncommon, 113 common)


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